Train Your Team

Introduce your team to a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery.

If you are leading a digital transformation, helping your company adopt an outcome mindset, moving toward empowered product teams, or just want better business results, we can help.
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We help teams:

Make better decisions about what to build

Creating continuous customer value and business value.

Increase their success rate

By defining clear outcomes upfront.

Create a steady stream of actionable insights

Through continuous customer interviews.

Effectively choose the right solutions

Through iterative assumption tests.
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Work with US

Our Typical Engagements

Inspire Your Team

Hands-on Practice Builds Skill
  • Schedule a private cohort (for groups of 20+) or send your team to a public cohort (for groups < 20) of our Continuous Discovery Habits Master Class. This is a great way to get your teams hands-on practice with our entire continuous discovery framework.

Ongoing Support Builds Strong Habits
  • Allow your team to supplement with Deep Dive courses or add-on coaching to meet their unique learning needs. Our Deep Dive courses are designed to build skill quickly in a single discovery habit. Our 6-week, add-on coaching program is a great way to support teams as they work through their unique obstacles when adopting the discovery habits.
  • Support your teams with 12-months of follow-on help in our community for discovery practitioners.

We are happy to mix-and-match these elements to meet your organization’s unique needs.
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What Our Clients Say

"They were already a strong team, but I see a step level improvement in their confidence and their 'we got this' attitude.”
- a product leader at carmax
"Following Teresa’s framework has freed us up to focus on the problem rather than to think what process we need to invent. Treating discovery like a daily practice has dramatically improved our team discipline and has improved the quality of our thinking.”
A product manager at simply business
“Teresa’s feedback on our approach every step of the way was just amazing. She helped us think about our problem space from different angles and gave us ideas on how to expand our solutions or approach when we felt like we had reached dead ends.”
a product manager at seek
“I appreciated that your whole process started with mapping and that specific opportunities were contextualized. I also really appreciated that the team aligns on a clearly articulated outcome.”
a product designer at Animoto
Our Coaches

Meet Our Team

Teresa Torres
Senior product manager

Author, Continuous Discovery Habits
Instructor & Coach, Product Talk Academy

Teresa teaches: 

Hope Gurion
Senior product manager

Instructor & Coach, Product Talk Academy
Leadership Coach, Fearless Product

Hope teaches:

Ellen Juhlin
Senior product manager

Instructor & Coach, Product Talk Academy
Senior Director, Product Management, Orion Labs

Ellen teaches:

Ellen Brandenberger
Senior product manager

Instructor, Product Talk Academy
Head of Product Management, Innovation, Stack Overflow

Ellen teaches:

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